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Theo (formerly Horace)

Theo2Hi to all at Atlanta Pet Rescue! I wanted to send an update on “Horace” who we adopted three weeks ago today.

We love him! He now goes by the name “Theo” (with some variations – Theodore, Theodorable, etc.!) and has already started responding to his name. It has not taken him long at all to adapt to his new home  although we are still learning about one another. Theo, as you know, is the sweetest creature. He loves other dogs and kids and offers and accepts endless affection. When we walk him in the park so many people want to say “hello” to him and Theo is more than happy to accommodate them. He definitely does not like rainy days and wet ground. It is rather hilarious to see us “persuading” him to go outside.

Theo4 & GroverAs you can see from the photos, Theo and our daughter’s dog, Grover, have become best buddies.

All in all, it is a perfect match! Thanks again for all your help and, of course, for rescuing Theo – Ellen S. and Duane B.

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  1. Ben Bailey
    Posted 6/25/13 at 8:41 pm | Permalink

    Cool.He’s a sweet fellow.I took him to the activity yard but he just wanted to be a laid back friend :)

  2. Pam Moore
    Posted 6/27/13 at 11:04 am | Permalink

    So happy for you and Theo! Thank you so much for the update. It’s always nice to see ‘our’ dogs in their forever homes, getting the love and care that they so deserve. And it looks like Theo hit the jackpot!

  3. Mike Gonterman
    Posted 6/27/13 at 10:14 pm | Permalink

    Ellen and Duane – it was nice meeting and working with you. I am glad that Theo has found a great home. Enjoy! Mike Gonterman

  4. Karen & Tony Pouncey
    Posted 7/26/13 at 11:18 am | Permalink

    He looks like such a cool fellow! We adopted “Bessie”, now LUNA from Atlanta Pet Rescue 2 years ago. She is a Great Pyrenees and at the time weighed only 43 lbs. All she needed was some good food and some real love. She is now a beautiful 75 lb girl and we love her so!
    I know that Theo will make your family complete. We are forever thankful to APR for allowing Luna to rescue us!

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