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DiegoDiego has blended right into our family. We have had no issues or potty accidents. He does well in his crate and already sits and lays down on command. He is an equal opportunity lover. Everyone gets tons of kisses and he likes to lay on everyone. He is very happy and so are we! Thanks for all you do for these animals and us people too! He is so lucky to have been rescued and given food and medical care. He will visit our vet tomorrow for his initial exam.

It’s funny…we kept saying that he looked like the saber-toothed tiger in Ice Age on Sunday. Then we looked it up and there he was – Diego! You guys are brilliant. ~ Shelley A.

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  1. Pam Moore
    Posted 9/5/13 at 7:07 pm | Permalink

    I just love this goofball of a dog and am so glad to see him enjoying his new home and family. He is so playful and really loves people, and my guess is that he especially loves kids, so he is in the right place. Happy tales and pictures are my reward for volunteering. Thank you so much for sharing this update on Diego, and I hope to see more updates in the future. Love ya, Diego!

  2. Pam Moore
    Posted 9/12/13 at 8:57 pm | Permalink

    I keep returning to look at this picture of Diego and his new little friend. ;)

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