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Bethany (formerly Millicent)

BethanyAs the proud owner of three rescued babies, I wasn’t necessarily looking to add a fourth (or so I liked to tell Dad …).  But, in the course of volunteering for the wonderful APRA, this little baby chose me.  She was a scared little thing, and it seemed as though I became her tranqulizer.  I couldn’t resist that adorable face, so I became a foster failure and she’s now a part of our family.  She has blossomed into a bundle of joy that likes to run around in the yard, bond with her Shih Tzu sister, and just hang out on the couch being a cuddle muffin.  She’s still nervous at times, but is mostly sweet and gentle.  Keeping with our family tradition, we named her after a beach like we did our other doggies.  We like to say that we didn’t give her the gift of life–life gave us the gift of her. ~ Jack, Melissa, Dewey, Tybee, Folly ‘n Bethany K.

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  1. Ben Bailey
    Posted 9/17/13 at 7:41 pm | Permalink

    Failed Fosters are failing UP :)

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