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Nugget (formerly Alfie)

nuggetTeam at Atlanta Pet Rescue – Just wanted to say a very special thanks for helping us find our newest family member. His name was Alfie at your shelter, but he has been renamed “Nugget” because he is small, golden, and very valuable to our family. He is so happy, loves our dog Tootsie as well as our neighbor’s golden retrievers. He sleeps in his crate without a peep, and he is so smart and sweet. He gives lots of kisses, and anytime a lap appears, he must be on it – and we are happy to oblige! Our vet is nuts about him, and says we picked an awesome and healthy boy.

We were laughing that the adoption process felt like buying a car, but just wanted to say we appreciate all your help and guidance. Keep up the good work of making great matches and enriching the lives of both the humans and the animals you serve.

~ Vicki,  Sonny, & Carey S.

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  1. Pamela Moore
    Posted 10/29/13 at 6:57 pm | Permalink

    Love to hear these ‘happy tales’! I’m so happy for Nugget and his new family. Stories like this are why I love to volunteer at APRA. Give Nugget kisses for me!

  2. Ben Bailey
    Posted 10/29/13 at 8:37 pm | Permalink

    What Pam said and I hope you enjoy your new little “Car” :)

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