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Zephyrus (formerly Barnum)

Zephyrus2Hi Gigi –  You probably don’t remember me, but you were the foster to this little blonde guy back in Nov 2005.  His name was Barnum at the time, but you called him Peanut.   He was very attached to you and kept calling  you from the adoption pen while you were registering adoptive candidates at the front desk.    I adopted him and he’s been a great companion and hiker over the years.   We lived in ATL back by Chattahoochee Forest trails where he chased squirrels, then I moved to Pennsylvania for a few years where he chased deer, now I live in Orange County, CA where he just enjoys hanging out at the beach(see picture).   He is 10 yrs old now, and has always been the sweetest, most attentive,  most loyal little guy–Always ready to please, or go for a walk, or cuddle up in a nap.   His name is Zephyrus now.     Thanks again for fostering him and for your continued work at APR

Warm Regards ~ Denise D.

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