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  • For beautiful Bella from Bella Lula, our sweet new kitty: Hope you find a wonderful forever home soon. You will be loved for the rest of your life by a very lucky person who will adopt you. ~ Nassrin H.
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Updated: 6/17/12
I've been adopted!
Age: 7 years   Weight: 45 lbs.    Gender: Female   Breed: Golden Retriever mix

Bella is going to be adopted by her foster mother!!!!!

Bella is beautiful!  She has a soft blonde coat of hair and a gorgeous smile.  She was found tied in the woods by a Good Samaritan, who took her in and searched for her owner.  Maybe this is why Bella is a bit shy at first, but once you sit down on the floor and give her some time she will come over and sit by your side.  She also loves other dogs.  Bella is reported to be housebroken and crate trained.