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Updated: 2/19/13
I've been adopted!
Age: 6 years   Weight: 26 lbs.   Gender: Male   Breed: Terrier Blend

Benny is available for adoption Tuesday through Sunday.

If you are interested in adopting him please see our “How to Adopt” section and come in to meet him.

Benny has an adoption pending.

He's your brown-eyed guy! Benny has the most beautiful, large, round, brown eyes - one look and your hooked!  Benny has a wonderfully sweet personality.  He is mellow and loving and always happy to see you.  Benny gets along well with his doggie friends, but does not seem to be much of a playmate, more of a companion to the other dogs.  We think with Benny's calm, happy-go-lucky disposition, he will do well in a variety of home environments.  His major requirement is simply a loving and permanent home!  If Benny seems like your kind of guy, come meet him today!

Unfortunately, Benny did not receive proper prevention and is now Heartworm Positive.   Luckily for him, we are able to get him the treatment he needs to recover!  If you can help defray his medical costs, please click on the tab “Sponsor Me” to make a tax deductible donation.