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6 years
9 lbs.
Chihuahua Blend
I've been adopted!

Chevy is hanging out in a foster home during the week. Check back soon to see when he'll be at the center to meet you.

If you are interested in adopting him please see our “How to Adopt” section.

Chevy sure changed his tune after settling in here! Acting macho at first, he has come to take the quieter approach to life. Pick him up and he wants nothing more than to cuddle into your neck. It's a good thing he's the perfect size for holding because that's where he wants to be! He's a sweetheart of a pup with no reason to be without a forever family. Be sure to meet this little nugget the next time you come to visit!

He has learned to walk on leash while here at APRA and several other commands during our Junior training camp this summer. He is well-socialized with people and welcomes human touch. He'll need a home with older kids because he has some resource guarding tendencies (but shows appropriate signs). He'll make a great loving and loyal companion!

Here's what his foster family has to say:

How is Chevy acclimating to our home?
We have had Chevy in our home for almost five days now, and he is fitting in beautifully! When he first arrived, he was eager to explore his new surroundings. He quickly found the comfy beds and the throw pillows
on the couch, where he settled in for a snooze. He definitely seems more interested in the humans than in the dogs in the household, and he especially likes to cuddle up to my husband or me on the couch. In fact, he prefers to follow us around and stay in whatever room we’re in. We call him the Silent Ninja because he quietly sneaks up on you when you least expect it! I’ve yet to see him initiate play with our dogs (and they’re not very interested in him, either), but he’s occasionally interested in toys, especially the antlers or
Nylabones. He’s very food driven and is always ready for a treat or a Greenie. He quickly discovered that the sound of the fridge door opening may lead to a treat. He will occasionally jump up for a treat, but we’re working on that. Chevy has been on a few trips with us — to an APRA event in midtown, out for dinner on a patio, and to a store. He rides wonderfully in the car and settles in to rest as soon as he’s buckled into his car harness. He occasionally will whimper quietly from the backseat, but this behavior usually passes
quickly. He is polite toward people who walk by, but will bark when people walk up and he doesn’t see them approach (he seems protective of us). I brush Chevy daily with a Zoom Groom, which he ADORES and seems to think is a massage. He’s very polite when being brushed and bathed, and doesn’t seem to mind either. Also, Chevy LOVES the sun and frequently will just plop
down in a sunbeam on trips outside to potty.

How does Chevy get along with the other dogs in the house?
Chevy mostly ignores my three dogs, and though he occasionally will sniff one of them, he doesn’t seek them out for play. My blind and reactive dog will occasionally give a low growl if Chevy gets too close (especially when food is involved), but Chevy always heeds the warning and doesn’t seem bothered.

How does Chevy do on leash?
Chevy enjoys leash walks and loves to explore! He does occasionally wander a bit, but he doesn’t really pull and generally can be steered along. He has not seemed bothered when we pass other dogs on leash.

Is Chevy potty trained?
Chevy hasn’t had an accident in the house yet. He doesn’t ask to go outside, but he’s always eager to go if we ask. He marked twice on the first day he arrived — once inside and once in our garage — but I’ve kept an eye on him and haven’t seen him do it since.

How does Chevy do in his crate?
Chevy is great in his crate. I leave it open and he’ll occasionally go in to rest while I’m working. He will occasionally cry for a minute when we head upstairs for bed, but he stops very quickly. Chevy also eats meals in his crate and eagerly enters his crate before mealtimes.

Negative experiences (behavioral)
Chevy occasionally “mouths” us when he gets excited, but the behavior hasn’t elevated to biting. When he mouths, we tell him “no” and walk away/ignore him. The only other negative behavior I’ve witnessed occurred the other day, when Chevy was sitting on the couch next to my husband. My dog, Rupert, jumped up on the couch on the other side of my husband, and
Chevy leapt up and barked at Rupert. My husband quickly put Chevy on the floor, told him “no,” and ignored him.

Cute and positive experiences
Chevy is an attentive, curious, loving little guy who loves to cuddle and be near people!