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5 years
24 lbs.
Terrier mix
I've been adopted!

Fergie is available for adoption Tuesday through Sunday.

Fergie is the perfect balance between sweet and spunky.  She has energy to run and play, but will also settle down with her person to snuggle and shower them with kisses.  This outgoing girl enjoys meeting new people and has been getting along well with the other dogs at our facility.  Fergie came to us from an outlying animal control facility where she was surrendered with another dog, Kate, who we believe is her litter mate.  They look very much alike and even act alike.  Fergie and Kate will run over and jump up for attention in the same way.  They kind of give kisses them same too, very gently.  Fergie is a bit heavier and her coloring is a little lighter.  Her tail is more curled.  Yet, both of them have those beautiful amber eyes that will melt your heart.

What my foster mom says about me:

4/18/12:  Fergie has been an awesome foster. She is very energetic and excited every afternoon when I get home from work. She is always eager to please and loves to shower me with kisses as soon as she leaves her crate. She seems to be housebroken as there have been no incidents in the house. When I have left her alone for a couple of hours with my own dog there was no destructive behavior.

On our trip to the dog park she was excellent and played really well with the other dogs. Although she is an active girl that loves playing with anything squeaky we have had some great cuddle sessions watching Grey's Anatomy. Neither of us are very happy with Owen right now. We have been working on sit, stay, and her manners on the leash. She is making progress. Overall she has been a dream and a great addition to the family.