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5 years
20 lbs.
Terrier mix
I've been adopted!

Kate is available for adoption Tuesday through Sunday.

Kate is a lovable little lady that is not too sweet and not too spunky. She is just right! She has energy to run and play, but will also settle down with her person to snuggle and shower them with kisses. Kate is okay with other dogs most of the time, but does need to work on some doggie manners.  For now it would best for her to go to a forever home as an only dog.

She came to us from an outlying animal control facility where she was surrendered with another dog, Fergie, who we believe is her litter mate. They look very much alike and even act alike. Kate and Fergie will run over and jump up for attention in the same way. They kind of give kisses them same too, very gently. Kate is a bit smaller and has more little strands of black hair in her coat. Both of them have those beautiful amber eyes that will melt your heart.

What my vacation was like during the move:

I wanted to let you know what a little doll Kate is. She has been so easy to foster this week. While initially she was afraid of my two cats, after a day or so, they all seemed to agree on a way to get along. As long as she stayed off of the arm of the couch that is my boy cat's favorite place to sleep, there was peace.

Kate is fully house trained-we have not had an accident in the house even once. I take her out first thing in the morning, then around noon, a long walk around 6:30 and a last quick walk around 10:30. She goes into her crate with a treat, adjusts her towel, and doesn't make a peep all night. She loves, loves, loves to go on long walks-2 miles or more. She is great on a leash-doesn't pull-but she does like to walk fast. She will slow down if she sees me working to keep up and glances back often to make sure I am still there. She is very polite and will sit while I put her leash on to go out. She is also very polite when meeting other dogs one on one. We met several at different times while we were out walking and she would greet them and then quickly lose interest and want to get back to walking. She is very focused. She does like to chase squirrels and the occasional bird but what dog doesn't??

Her favorite thing by far though is to be with me wherever I am. If I sit on the couch, she is in my lap in the blink of an eye. If I am in the kitchen or doing work on the computer she is right there with me. She just wants to be loved and craves approval. She knows a lot of commands and you only have to say "no, Kate" in a normal voice and she will stop what she is doing to look at me.

Kate does have a lot of energy and if she doesn't get exercise or have something to do, she will get in trouble. She managed to shred a lot of Kleenex one afternoon, chew up one of my shoes (to be fair, I left them out), and she likes to go litter diving for cat poop. She doesn't eat it but likes to get it out of the box and roll it around. She also managed to pull the stuffing out of about 3 cat toy mice along with pulling of their ears and tails. She likes the cat food much better than her own but my boy cat liked her food so it seemed to even out. Kate is very smart and would do well with a kong or puzzle if left alone. I think she would also be good at scenting.

Kate is an adorable little girl and I would love to keep her if I didn't already have 2 cats in an apartment. She will definitely make someone a very loving companion.