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Ellie Belle and Winston

Life is sweet with these two pups in our lives. Ellie Belle (formerly Deana) was adopted in the fall of 2011. She is a kind, gentle soul who loves her humans and new brother. We welcomed Winston (formerly Eeyore) into the family in August 2015. He is an energetic pup that is full of life … Continue reading Ellie Belle & Winston

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The Captain

Eddard is now known as The Captain. It suits him because he is not afraid of anything and he has taken control of the house. He’s a good boy and he made the adjustment here very easily. He and Dudley, our Airedale, are getting along and sharing nicely with each other. We are glad to … Continue reading The Captain (f.k.a. Eddard)

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Teddy (formerly Madison) is AMAZING. She has had a banner week and a half….loves her crate and is getting along beautifully with the cats. She is walking on a leash, near some light traffic and unafraid. She has met a couple of the kids’ friends – one by one – who have stopped by to … Continue reading Teddy (f.k.a Madison)

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Othello is an absolute joy and we are so in love with him already.  We have seen great improvements in his leg and have had no other health issues. As for house training, well he is completely house trained and has had no accidents at all. He loves to play with stuffed animals and chew bones … Continue reading Othello

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Dobby (Graham Crackers)

Graham Crackers, now named Dobby, is the perfect little boy. Currently, he is napping on top of my legs. He LOVES being held, he lets me pick him up regardless of the situation. I trim his nails at home. He signals to go outside. Every morning he wakes up earlier than I do just to … Continue reading Dobby (f.k.a. Graham Crackers)

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I adopted Sampson from Atlanta Pet Rescue on April 14th. I thought Jackson (my POM) and I were happy.  But Sampson has made us more HAPPIER than I can express. He is WONDERFUL and I LOVE him more and more everyday. We have had no problems. He adjusted to us immediately.  Jackson who is 11 years old is … Continue reading Sampson

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This is my sweet terrier mix that you called “Riley” and that I fell instantly in love with, adopted and renamed “Kipper” in May of 2011.  I truly believe Kipper was sent into my life by my deceased daughter, Tiffany, who we so tragically lost much too early on March 24th, 2011.  A mere 6 … Continue reading Kipper (f.k.a. Riley)

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I am so thankful for the dog I adopted from Atlanta Pet Rescue.  She is an Italian Greyhound/Min Pin mix and is the best dog ever.  I adopted her 5 years ago and since then, we have been best friends.  I have epilepsy and Juno has been there when I wake up from a seizure and … Continue reading Juno

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Missy ( Sunshine)

We adopted from your rescue in 2004.  She was a scared shaggy Pekingese that you guys had named Sunshine, we renamed her Missy .  No one could of predicted how much love and happiness she added to our lives.  Missy passed away February 19, 2016. I just wanted to thank your organization for all you … Continue reading Missy (f.k.a. Sunshine)

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Chester (Lister)

Since adopting Chester (Lister was I his previous name) in Dec of 2014, my wife and I have moved to Anchorage, Alaska and he has taken it like a trooper. Glaciers, mountains, snow… He loves all of it. Thank you all! Here he is training for the Iditarod.  – Jay