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Cami2-2015 Cami2011I was looking through some old photos and ran across a picture of Cami when we first brought her home in 2011. Compared to a current photo, it is hard to believe she is the same dog. When we first brought her home she was scared, skinny, and sick with kennel cough. After a few weeks she began to blossom into the sweetest girl ever. She is loyal, loving, and extremely protective of me and the kids. We are so happy to have her as a part of our family. Thank you for all that you do in rescuing and caring for animals.

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PennyHi! We adopted Penny, formerly Charlotte, back in the fall of 2014. She had been on the road quite a while, and had some issues. We want you to know that she now is the most adorable, loving, sweet funny dog and makes our family better. She is “Penny the Office Dog,” and comes to work with us often. We are so very happy that you brought us together! We LOVE our baby!

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Mark's SelfieWanted to send you Mark’s latest “selfie“.  We adopted him 1 year ago this month and he is a true joy. He is a hunter and has caught multiple critters in our back yard  (we live in the city). He occasionally goes to doggie daycare and is a great traveler. He especially likes Barnsley Gardens.

Thank you for taking care of him so he could add so much to our daily lives.

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image2Beans (or Bacchus) is now an extremely happy pup! He recently got a cut on his cornea but now his is better! Beans has been a little mean to our cat, Gigi, but aside to that he’s been AMAZING!!!!

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IvyHello APRA,

Wanted to take the time to give you a two year update on Miss Ivy (formerly known as ‘Brie’).  Our sweet pom lady was adopted March of 2013 and we can barely remember life without her spunky, hilarious self!

Ivy completely adapted into city life with us, and about a year ago we welcomed a rescued Westie/Cairn terrier from Cairn Rescue USA as her little brother. The two are inseparable. Her brother has even helped Miss Ivy overcome her fear of crate training. Now they both sleep in their cozy dens at night.

Life with Ivy is amazing. We are forever grateful for the care and love she received at APRA before she “picked us” as her family.

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Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption is currently overloaded with medical special needs cases and we are only able to make sure these precious animals get the care they deserve with your support! Each of these dogs are all being treated by veterinary specialists, and we are racing through our Mercy Memorial Fund trying to give these animals the second chance they deserve.

Here’s a little bit about each current special case at the adoption center:


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DSC02041Dear APR,

It’s been 3 years since we adopted Ollie (formerly Weatherby) from Atlanta Pet Rescue and can’t thank you enough for pairing us up with this little guy! He has been an absolute joy – mild-mannered, loving, obedient, non-aggressive, great hiker, cat tolerant, friendly to all he meets, and the consummate companion.

Ollie has become a true member of our little family and we can’t imagine our lives with him.

We want to thank APR from the bottom of hearts for bring this little guy into our lives!


All the best,

Matt, Clint and Ollie!

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20150317_100627The decision to adopt Suzy was extremely easy.  She has been a joy to have in our family.  While she seemed to respond to Suzy Q, we decided to change her name to Sue. Every morning she loves to play with her toys until she flops down and goes to sleep. She loves going for long walks at the park and is the best cuddler!!!

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It’s been almost two weeks now. We are thrilled to report that Sissy, now Maisy, is fitting right in. She is playing with the family, loves her long walks, eating much better, her kennel cough is much better, and is having fun training. She even made a friend with a neighbor dog. Thank you for helping us! When we are ready for a buddy for Maisy we’ll be back.


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Thanks for reaching out. Carly is doing wonderful! She’s been behaving beautifully and I don’t think we could’ve asked for a better dog for our family. No concerns at this point, she’s quickly become adjusted to our home and a member of the family :).

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