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Category Archives: Volunteer Spotlight

IMG_5014APRA has some of the best volunteers around! As you know, we couldn’t care for the dogs and cats as well as we do without the input from our volunteers. Whether or not you are walking a dog, helping with a bath, socializing cats or kittens, helping to clean….all volunteer jobs are important. While we hope to always recognize everyone, the idea behind the Volunteer Spotlight is to recognize one key volunteer each month who continues to help out in so many ways as our way of saying Thank You.
This month we would like to recognize and thank Gene Coe! Gene is here on a regular basis and is always busy helping out. He not only mows our lawn and keeps our yard looking pretty, but he is a wonderful handyman and keeps our adoption center up to par. He did a tremendous amount of work Read »


On this eve before our big Paws in the Park fundraiser we feel it is appropriate to recognize a very special volunteer.
Meet Heather Malone, a dedicated volunteer of Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption for the past two years.  She is the Committee Chair of APRA’s most important fundraiser Paws in the Park.  In fact, our new adoption center is proof of that success!  Spending an average of 6 hours a day, Heather is tireless in her mission to make this year of Paws in the Park a great success.  It’s going to be a free fun family-friendly event that everyone can enjoy whether they come with a four-legged friend or not.
Heather was a part of the PITP committee last year and said the after effects of  the event was an indescribable happiness in seeing it happen.  Walking through our new adoption center gives her renewed inspiration.  We have no doubt this year’s committee will knock it out of the park Read »

APRA is very grateful for all of our volunteers and when they are superstars like Shelby Pressler and Ross Granowski we want to put them in the spotlight.  Ross, a senior at Georgia Tech and Shelby, a junior at Ogelthorpe University, spend countless hours helping staff with everyday duties, representing APRA at events and providing the animals with lots of extra TLC.  Their favorite part of their volunteer experience is watching the transformation in the dogs and cats, and seeing them come out of their shells. Shelby says time with the animals is the highlight of their week, and it has made an impact on both of their lives. The dogs and cats could say the same about them!  Thank you Shelby and Ross!

Read »

Joel DowlingThis month we want to recognize volunteer Joel Dowling. He began volunteering and became a dog foster extraordinaire by taking on our higher energy, harder to adopt doggies. Joel also helps on the weekends with closing the shelter and keeping it clean for our dogs and cats.

Just recently we began having website issues. Just when it seemed like it couldn’t get fixed, Joel stepped up and offered his services free of charge. Within just a couple of days, it was fixed and as he continues to tweak it, it just gets better and faster. We learned how our adopters really depend on seeing our animals and are thankful to Joel for fixing our site so quickly.

As a Read »

Sheri BuddThere are a few volunteers at Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption who not only work hard at the shelter but are also hard at work behind the scenes. Sheri Budd is one of those jack-of-all-trades volunteers who are immeasurably important to our success.

Most volunteers and visitors to APRA know Sheri as a cat counselor on Saturdays. What most people don’t know is that Sheri has a huge soft spot for our canine companions, especially those little ones that enjoy assisting her as she tends to the feline flock. Sheri can also be found manning the most difficult spot at the shelter, the front desk, and jumping in to work with adopters as they go through the contract process. Outside of her hours spent at the shelter on Saturdays, Sheri helps to handle the online cat applications, manages shadow Read »

Phil Sehenuk fills dual roles for Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption ­– as both a volunteer and an employee. He is a member of our volunteer training team and also a lead trainer for our CHRIS Kids Junior Training Program. Phil’s calm but confident demeanor has made him one of our top volunteer trainers. In addition, his ability to engage teenagers has made him a favorite on CHRIS Kids nights. Phil has made a huge impact in the lives of our dogs!

As a staff member, Phil is responsible for opening the shelter three days a week. “I arrive at dawn and I’m greeted by 30 to 40 dogs who are always glad to see me, and a room full of cats who are eager to greet me with a friendly purr and an occasional head-butt.”

When not at APRA, Phil is a volunteer service Read »