The Behavior & Enrichment Team works with many of the dogs at APRA.  Adele has been one of them.  She is a wonderfully friendly and engaged dog.  However, we have found that Adele likes to bark.  Sometimes at passing dogs on walks, sometimes at cars, sometimes at nothing at all.  Barking just to bark.  The … Continue reading Adele – A work in progress!


Did you know that Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption has a Behavior and Enrichment Program?  Here is what you need to know about the staff. Laura Linneman Behavior Program Supervisor  Laura Linneman joined APRA in March 2010 as a part time kennel tech and vet assistant. She has a vast background in shelter behavior and … Continue reading Meet the Behavior and Enrichment Staff

Harden training

Everyone always wants the “perfect” dog.  Just like humans, dogs are very rarely perfect, especially when they have had a difficult history they have to move forward from.  Training and enrichment isn’t about making your dog perfect.  It is about making your dog have a skill set that makes them better suited for your lifestyle … Continue reading Why is training so important?


Do you have a 9-15 year old child that would enjoy learning about what we do at Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption? This summer we are offering a week long Junior Training Camp that will offer insight on animal rescue, training opportunites, arts and crafts, and much more! Admission is $150 for the week, and … Continue reading DATE CHANGE! JUNIOR TRAINING CAMP

promises to my dog

By Sherry Woodard Bringing a dog into your family causes great joy all around. But, making a commitment to a dog is much like making a commitment to a human being: Both relationships require daily care and nurturing in order to flourish. So, as you embark (no pun intended!) on this new commitment, here are … Continue reading Promises to My Dog

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Relationship training

By Sherry Woodard The trainers at Best Friends have found that dog training built on a positive relationship is the most kind – and also the most effective – method of training. When you have a positive relationship with the dog, you have the animal’s trust, and he/she wants to spend time with you and … Continue reading Why We Use Relationship-Based Training

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Daily Activities

By Sherry Woodard If you want a well-trained, well-mannered, well-socialized dog, interact multiple times every day with your dog, with the goal of building a foundation of trust and a healthy relationship. (See “Why We Use Relationship-Based Training.”) All dogs benefit from learning and practicing skills daily. Keep all interaction fun; if you are stressed … Continue reading Daily Activities for You and Your Dog

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dog education

By Sherry Woodard Dogs need guidance and consistent training from their people if they are going to live in harmony with humans. All dogs must be taught acceptable behavior, and one way to do that is to train your dog or pay a trainer to do it. Dogs are happiest when they know who’s in … Continue reading How to Educate Your Dog

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By Sherry Woodard Why should I use a crate? Dogs are hard-wired by their genetic history to be den animals. A den is a small, safe, well-defined space. It is a place in which dogs feel instinctively safe. It is also a place that they instinctively avoid soiling. The combination of these two native traits … Continue reading Crate Training: The Benefits for You and Your Dog

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APRA has specific rules when it comes to dealing with our canines in and around the shelter. Jumping up on people is not a desired behavior or to be encouraged. Below are the rules of how we should work with shelter dogs that have the habit of jumping. Also included, is a phenomenal article by Victoria … Continue reading Dogs That Jump

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