Be a Guardian Angel

…for our rescued pets in need of extra care!

Unlike other rescues, we open our doors to dogs and cats that require expensive medical treatment for conditions such as heartworms, mange, allergies, broken bones, injuries, and other congenital defects. We provide the appropriate medical care and treatment for our rescued pets and nurse them back to health.

Your Guardian Angel donation of $500 or more in honor of a particular pet will allow us to give all deserving APRA pets a second chance at life. We want to make the process very easy for you, so we offer 3 different options to become a Guardian Angel:

Option 1:

Online You can click the following secure link to submit your donation:
Be a Guardian Angel Now You will receive an acknowledgement through email after making a donation.

Option 2:

Select a Pet Simply choose a pet that has a “I Need Your Help” message above its photo or bio. (or any other pet in our adoption program), and click the “Sponsor Me” button to proceed with your secure online tax-deductible donation.


Postal Mail If you prefer to send your information and donation by U.S. mail, then click the following link to print the short paper form.

Guardian Angel Form
Complete the form and mail along with your donation to:

Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption

4874 S Atlanta Rd

GA 30080-7007

Thank You! A thank you letter will be mailed to you as your tax receipt with a fact sheet on the pet you choose to help. In addition, you may also submit names for 10 future APRA dogs or cats.