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What's With All the Questions?

We can't tell you how much we appreciate you giving one of our beloved critters a second chance. Here's the thing: We're going to ask you a lot of questions. You may feel like you're getting the third degree. But it's not about you. You're probably going to give your new pet the best home ever—but not everyone is as awesome as you are. Really.

See all the animals on our web site? They didn't appear out of nowhere. Some of them were neglected. Some of them were abused. But most of them just didn't quite fit in their old homes—at least not well enough to ensure they'd stay there forever.

We want to make sure they find homes that last forever this time. So try to remember: We're asking because we care, about the pet and about you. We're trying to make matches that last a lifetime. So if we ask you some personal stuff, just think of the furry tail and the big eyes of the animal you've fallen for, and be patient with us!

IMPORTANT REMINDERS before arriving at the shelter:

  1. All applicants must be at least 23 years of age.
  2. All household members, including current dog(s), are required to attend the adoption interview.
  3. If you currently have pets in the household, you must bring along a copy of their most current medical records proof of vaccinations, heartworm prevention, and proof of spay/neuter.
  4. Adoption fees may be paid with cash, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. We do not accept checks.

Atlanta Pet Rescue matches pets with families in or around the Atlanta, Georgia area. All applicants complete an application and are interviewed in person. An adoption fee is required.

Please complete the following application form and click on the Print button at the bottom.

     Applicant Name:      Age:
Co-Applicant Name:      Age:
Address: City: State Zip
Cell# Home# Email:
Occupation & Employer: Length of Employment:
  What dog(s) are you interested in adopting?
Adults: Children under age 4: Children age 8-12:  
  Children age 4-7: Children over age 12:  
Are you planning to have children in the next 5 years? Yes   No
Do any children visit your home? Yes   No     How often?
house apartment condo/townhouse mobile home Other
Do you Rent or Own? Rent   Own
Do you have a fenced yard with no gaps? Yes   No    What type of fence?
Is there a pet deposit required? Yes   No
If yes, how much and have you paid it?
Landlord's name & phone number:
Type of animal (dog/cat...) Male or Female? Age Spayed/ Neutered? (yes/no) Indoor, Outdoor, or Both? Vaccines Current? (yes/no) Personality Type (outgoing,mellow...)
For dogs, what brand of heartworm prevention are they currently taking?
Where does your current dog stay when you leave the house?
Do you have a dog door? Yes   No     Do you leave it open when you are gone? Yes   No
Current vet's name and phone number:
What kind of dog would you like? Please check all that apply:
  A dog who is social and would like sporting events,restaurants, etc.
A dog that gets along with cats
A non-shedding dog
A couch potato
A dog who is okay as an only dog
A dog we can take to the dog park
A dog who already knows how to walk on leash
Does anyone in the family have allergies to ANY animals? Yes   No
If yes, to what types of animals/hair types?
Has anyone in the family had animal allergies previously that are being treated? Yes   No
Does anyone in the household smoke? No   Yes   Yes, but not inside the house
   What do you expect the average cost of having a dog is annually? $
Why are you looking to adopt a dog now? Please check all that apply:
  Current dog ran away/was stolen/went missing
Family companion
Companion for other dog in home
Protection of household
Loss (death) of a pet
Gift for someone else
To teach child/children responsibility
Other - please specify:
Most weekdays, I am gone from the house from am/pm until am/pm.
I typically work the following hours:
Time/length of my average commute:
The children get home from school at:
Will the children be alone with the dog without adult supervision? Yes   No
Will the children walk the dog alone or be letting the dog outside without adult supervision?
Yes   No
Please describe, in detail, the dog of your dreams, what you dream of doing with your dog, what your average weekend with a dog might be like:
How did you hear about Atlanta Pet Rescue?
  Petfinder website
search engine result (Google, Yahoo, etc.)
Adopt a Pet website
word of mouth
friend or family adopted from APRA
other - please specify:

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