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Memorials & Tributes
The Wayne Stephens Memorial
Wayne Gray Stephens died Friday March 27, 2015 at the age of 71, at home in Loganville, GA under the care of hospice. He leaves behind his wife of 47 years, Sharon Moss Stephens, daughter Melanie Stephens Winstanley and her husband John Winstanley, daughter Elizabeth Lynne Stephens, and grandsons Nicholas Ryan Swagel and Kyle Logan Winstanley. He was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and graduated from North Fulton High School and Oglethorpe University with a BA in English. He enlisted in the United States Army and served as an interpreter in Vietnam. After retiring from 32 years of service with the Drug Enforcement Administration, he was very involved in volunteer work with Christ United Methodist Church in Roswell, GA. He had a love for photography, and a heart for serving others. Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption was near and dear to his heart. Wayne and his wife Sharon adopted Sadie from Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption, and also his daughter adopted Lacey.
Thank you to those who have donated to the Wayne Stephens Memorial
  • Donna Burgett
  • Mahlon Marr
  • With love – Grace, Macy, Barrett, Franklin, Jasper, Grits, Dixie & Stella Murphy

The James and Ida Gould Memorials

The James Gould Memorial
James Gould, husband of Ida Gould (memorial below) and father of Gigi Gould & John Gould passed away quietly on October 15, 2014 at the age of 101-1/2.  He was born in Rochester, NY, grew up in Decatur, Georgia and resided in Stone Mountain with his wife for 40+ years.   He loved all animals, dogs, cats, and birds alike.  He was self-employed as a CPA, but spent years as a landlord during the day and a ballroom dancer at night.  He and Ida traveled the world twice and he also took several trips to South America and Alaska by himself….he was a true adventurer. Traveling was their passion alongside their love of family. He was a quiet man who chose to join his wife on her birthday so that they could dance their way into the sunset together after being married for 73 years.

The Ida Gould Memorial

Ida Gould, wife of Jim Gould and mother of Gigi & John Gould passed away quietly in her sleep on Saturday, June 7 at the age of 96. She was born and raised in Rochester, New York but spent the past 40 years in Atlanta with her family and friends. She was very active in animal rescue and she and Jim homed many “strays” along the way. She worked into her 80s when she finally retired from Georgia Perimeter College. She and Jim traveled the world twice and she also took trips to New Zealand and Alaska with Gigi and to the Galapagos Islands with John. Traveling was her passion alongside her love of her family. She was an angel here on earth, has now spread her wings beyond and will be greatly missed.

Thank you to those who have donated to the James and Ida Gould Memorials

    • Judy & Jim Perdue
    • Tom Woodward
    • Don, Patty, Nicki, Kelly, and Sandy
    • Steve Albano
    • Yahazia Odelia
    • Sue Crawford
    • Cindia Cameron
    • Judy Purdue
    • Bob and Ellen Edwards
    • Lea Mitchell
    • Phil and Terri Alexander-Cox
    • Ed Gibson
    • Pam Bruce
    • Heery International, Inc.
    • Edward Gibson
    • Leigh Champion


Tom SOrenson

The Tom Sorensen Memorial

Tom Sorensen always had a soft spot for a good dog.  He amused his children and grandchildren by changing the lyrics of many popular songs into “dog songs”.  (Mick Jagger would be surprised to learn that that “Brown Sugar” sounds much better as “Black Schnauzer.”)  His last dog is Maizy, a Havanese-Poodle mix, whom he and his wife adopted from Atlanta Pet Rescue. Maizy enjoyed many road trips and boat trips with her master, whom she and the rest of her family miss greatly.

Thank you to those who have donated to the Tom Sorenson Memorial

  • Robert Fitzgerald
  • Roberta Sorensen
  • Bill and Lou Schroeder
  • Judith Davidson
  • Daniel and Lesley Rife
  • Dr. Robert and Lynda Beauchamp
  • CB Smith and Associates, P.C.
  • Valerie Williamson
  • Kerry Crawford
  • Patrick McGuire
  • Rich Kamph
  • Holly Booker
  • Janice Metzler
  • Jean Switzer
  • Gino, Dante & Paula
  • Sallie Leys
  • Adviser Investments
  • Dorothy Andrews
  • Marsha Norton
  • Kathy McCall
  • Diane Rechberger
  • Pam Heaton
  • Karen Bailey
  • Marilyn Mulay
  • Patty Davis
  • Elaine Hunter
  • Carol Dwire
  • Iris Clark
  • Walt Combs
  • Carol Meneghini
  • Valerie Dorr
  • Ginger Wyatt
  • Jan Burnett
  • Dale and Marianne Thoen
  • Sallie Leys
  • Jack and Linda Hubby
  • Jill and John Flack
  • Annette Kennedy
  • Roberta Cogswell
  • Jan Stimson
  • Susan Mann
  • Richard Hopkins
  • Christine Maxwell

The Lee Schilling, Jr. Memorial

Lee & Buster2

Lee Hilton Schilling, Jr., 46, suffered a massive heart attack and passed away on Wednesday, the 4th of September, 2013. Lee grew up in Atlanta and graduated from The Lovett School and Rhodes College, where he was a member of SAE Fraternity. His childhood summers were always spent at Watch Hill, R.I., where the Schillings had a home by the sea. He was a huge Notre Dame fan, stemming from his grandfather’s football days at this beloved school. Lee was an accomplished professional photographer with an uncanny eye for seeing special things through a lens and began at an early age capturing beautiful images of the East coastal area. He also has a unique perspective for the composition of scale and content. Later working at Lake Tahoe Ski Resort, he continued his love of photography by capturing the beauty of the West. His personal interests led him into a career of making wonderful pet photos along with jobs for special occasions and catalogs. Lee’s most significant passions in life were the happiness he had with his forever love, Leigh, their treasured dog Buster and cats Muffin and Cheeto, and his extended family.

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died.  Rather we should thank God that such men lived”. ~General George S. Patton

Thank you to those who have donated to the Lee Schilling, Jr. Memorial

  • Linda Blythe
  • Mindunn Rose
  • Shirley Taylor
  • R.W. Richins, Inc
  • Nancy See
  • Geana & Mike First
  • Winnie Akers
  • Jayne Fox
  • Leigh Champion
  • Maureen Sullivan
  • Robert Hickman
  • Robin Conklin
  • Paula McPoland
  • Diana Schilling
  • Harry Norman Realtors Buckhead North
  • Margaret Hellrung
  • Kelly & Steve Gratzer
  • LeEllen Smith
  • Thomas and Susan Christiansen
  • Reid Johnson
  • Heather Enloe
  • Suzy Carpenter
  • Janet Hickman
  • Margaret Ottley
  • Robin and Joe Owens
  • Johnny and Mary Merritt
  • Jenny Hale
  • Karen Segal
  • Tom and Debbie Nash
  • Dottie and Dallis Champion
  • Bill and Christie Weeks
  • Neica and John Kelleher
  • Lauren Williams
  • Isabella Martin
  • Judy and Bob Allen
  • Buster (LBF)
  • Lee and Sharon Schilling
  • Brad/Carrell/Hattie McAllister, Angela McAllister, Reade Schilling
  • Non and Joe Schilling
  • Andre and Roy Yee
  • Delene Wall
  • Judith Turner


Anthony Joseph Siciliano Memorial

Mr. Anthony Joseph Siciliano, 70 of Roswell, died on October 19, 2012.  An avid pet lover, Tony was born in Boston, MA to Joseph Anthony Siciliano, Sr and Rose Marie Guiggio Siciliano. He earned his BA and Master’s from Boston College.  He retired as Vice-President of Sales Pak, a wholesale food provider.  He is survived by his wife, Mildred (Randi) Herts Siciliano, children, Teri Anne Austin and her husband, Steven Sullivan, and Christopher Anthony Siciliano; sisters, Marianne Thomson, Anita Fogg, and Virginia Hanlon and husband Robert; brother Joseph Anthony Siciliano, Jr. and his wife Karen.

Thank you to those who have donated to the Anthony Joseph Siciliano Memorial

  • Robert Hollerorth
  • Teri Austin
  • Teri Knight
  • Deborah Mitchell-Young
  • Dan and Susan Bagan

Doris Kirksey Memorial

Doris Kirksey, age 80, died August 26th after an extended illness. She was born in Mississippi and spent her childhood years in North Carolina until her family relocated to Florida. Doris was a respected and revered leader. Her amazing versatility and creativity were reflected in every part of her college life from sports to the literary magazine as well as cartoonist for the school newspaper. After graduating from Wesleyan College she moved to the Atlanta area where she taught for years. Her magnetic personality, kindness, generosity, and a keen sense of humor were recognized by everyone. Last but not least was her unswerving love of animals.

Thank you to those who have donated to the Doris Kirksey Memorial

  • Elizabeth Bumgarner
  • Duane and Emily Blair
  • Carolyn Scott
  • Joyce Paris
  • Carolyn and Douglas Armistead
  • Vee Simmons
  • David and Myrick King
  • Margaret Leake
  • Lynn Raymer
  • Paul Cronce
  • William Lovett
  • Eloise Shepard
  • Dwight and Jean Bumgarner
  • Helen Turner
  • Blair & Tim Johnson

The Tamsen Douglass Love Memorial
Tamsen Douglass Love, beloved wife and mother of four, loved all animals, especially dogs. She is pictured here in one of her favorite photos with Elvis. Upon moving to Atlanta, she and her husband John fostered for APRA.
Thank you to those who have donated to the Tamsen Douglass Love Memorial
  • Adam Duggins
  • Jon Love
  • Lisa Waugh
  • Abbie Wolf and Ari Dubin
  • Stanley and Phyllis Frank
  • Michael Robbins
  • Marsha Shewanown
  • The Inquirer’s Book Club
  • Marsha Jaffa

The Judge Anne Workman Memorial
Along with her legal work, Judge Anne Workman also worked tirelessly to improve the lives of abandoned and injured animals. Her pets were mostly rescues and were her family. She has helped to place hundreds of animals into loving homes.
Thank you to those who have donated to the Judge Anne Workman Memorial
  • Davis, Matthews & Quigley, P.C.
  • Dekalb County Marshal’s Office
  • Council of Superior Court Judges of Georgia
  • Chet & Ann Morris
  • Steven and Jennifer Mann
  • Judge Clarence F. Seeliger

August 3, 2012: We want to express our deep gratitude for the $25,000 bequest made by Judge Workman to Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption. This gift will greatly help us to continue our work in rescuing homeless pets, providing them with medical and social care to make them adoptable and to find them appropriate, responsible new owners who will care for them for the rest of their lives.

The Reverend Paul Gamber Memorial
With great sadness, we share that Rev. Paul Gamber passed away. Paul and his wife Lisa adopted Zola, who was with APRA for a several months and fostered by Gigi G. until Paul and Lisa came along. It was a match made in heaven; when they picked Zola up at Gigi’s house, Zola never looked back. She knew that she was going to the perfect home. She may have also known, on another level, that she had a job to do, that her time with Paul would be limited. They had a fabulous relationship and he loved her as much as we could ever hope that someone could love their companion. Gigi said, “Paul was a very gentle soul and he will be greatly missed. I am so-o-o-o grateful that we crossed paths at Atlanta Pet Rescue. Please keep Lisa and Zola in your thoughts!”
For Lisa, Zola, family and friends – You have our thoughts and prayers. ~ the staff and volunteers of Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption
Thank you to those who have donated to the Reverend Paul Gamber Memorial
  • Those we hold in our arms for a little while we hold in our hearts forever. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time, and for the days and months to come. With Deepest Sympathy, LeAnne (Becky too)
  • Aliyah, Chrissy, Ben, Liz, Terry, Jacob, and Rachel
  • Sherry Rodgers
  • Lisa’s co-workers at the Social Security Disability Quality Branch.
  • Larry and Lynda Bottoms
  • Carolyn Gober
  • Cathy Wilkinson
  • Jessica Frankfort
  • Frances J. McKibben
  • Griffin District Clergy Spouses
  • Janet Jones

The Dianna Dorsey Memorial

The Daniel Shone Memorial
Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption has set up a memorial for Mr. Daniel Shone, in honor of his daughter and APRA volunteer, Lisa.
Thank you to those who have donated to the Daniel Shone Memorial:
  • Lulu Vilas – our condolences to the entire Shone family
  • Ellyn J. Rubin – thinking of you and your mom
  • Anonymous – Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. (Anais Nin)

The Alfred Ruks Politzer Memorial
Mr. Alfred Politzer loved animals and along with his wife, Abigail, adopted a dog from APRA several years ago. His family has requested donations to Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption in lieu of flowers.
Thank you to those who have donated to the Alfred Ruks Politzer Memorial:
  • Wendy VanWootten
  • Julia Christine Paparelli
  • Faron Schonfeld
  • Laura Stipanowich
  • Stephanie Howells
  • Lyn Dailey
  • Jennifer Lambert
  • Matthew Thurlow
  • Jamey Medlin
  • Jeff Peters
  • Jeffrey Carr
  • Matthew Staton Kaynard
  • Charles B. Jones
  • John, Heather and Mary Ducat
  • Vanessa Perlman
  • Steven Teate
  • Amy Stewart
  • David Rizzo
  • Indra Lovko
  • Michelle Gilliam ~ group donation from U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services, Office of the General Counsel, Atlanta
  • Bryan Gebhardt
  • Lisa Sampson ~ Our office extends heartfelt sympathy over your recent loss.
  • Xavier University Chemistry Department

The Joseph M. Floyd Memorial
Thank you to those who have donated to the Joseph M. Floyd Memorial:
  • Michele Romano
  • Roleen Allen
  • Transdyn, Inc.
  • Joe C. and Irene Floyd

The Betty Sutton Memorial
Mrs. Betty Sutton, a life-long animal lover and APRA adopter of a beloved Dachshund named Emmy, asked that a memorial be created in her name.
Thank you to those who have donated to the Betty Sutton Memorial:
  • Kay and Tom Johnson
  • The Goizueta Foundation

The William Courtney Hall Memorial

Mr. Courtney Hall, a life-long animal lover, requested that his devotion to animals continue after his passing with an Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption memorial in his name.

Thank you to those who have donated to the Courtney Hall Memorial:
  • Sam Stockett
  • Mr. and Mrs. Findley
  • Barbara Richards Beech
  • Walking Horse Trainers Auxiliary
  • Allen Pritchett & Bassett, LLP (Thomas Pritchett)
  • The Clark Family

The Pat Hieb Memorial
Thank you to those who have donated to the Pat Hieb Memorial:
  • Sandy Harris
  • Barbara Bray
  • Livette Sandel
  • Laura Beth Evans

The Tom Bulfin Memorial

Tom with Shadow, his Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption alum

Mr. Tom Bulfin, a life-long animal lover, requested that his devotion to animals continue after his passing with an Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption memorial in his name.

Thank you to those who have donated to the Tom Bulfin Memorial:
  • Kurt and Heidi Meierdierks
  • Amanda Wagner
  • Patricia Fleck and Brian Pinnola
  • Dawn Klingbeil
  • Michele Hammer
  • Todd Gilk
  • Mary Woskoski
  • Lourain Croft
  • Joshua Edelstein
  • Les and Erma Broverman
  • Denise Rynearson
  • Bob Plummer
  • Walton and Mary M. Allen
  • Sandy Bulfin
  • Eric and Amy Vaillancourt
  • Bea & Sidney Strome
  • Timm & Sylvia Booker
  • Tonya Graney
  • Caroll Cochran

The Robert Smith Memorial
Thank you to those who have donated to the Robert Smith Memorial:
  • Diane F. Dobrolski
  • Mary Martha Adkins
  • Tommy McCrimmon
  • John and Carol Dickinson
  • Amy Henderson Preston
  • Ned and Linda New
  • Pamela Weathers
  • James and Theresa Cotter

The Lisa Crismond Memorial
Thank you to those who have donated to the Lisa Crismond Memorial:
  • Ruth and Donald Volino
  • Jane Essex

The Jim Wolfson Memorial
Tom WolfsonJim Wolfson was a life-long animal lover, friend and confidant to many. Mr. Wolfson was an avid supporter of Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption and this memorial was created to assure that his love of animals and this organization lives on.
Thank you to those who have donated to the Jim Wolfson Memorial:
  • Gail Podolsky
  • Karen Castleman Harris
  • April McCune
  • Michael Wing
  • Stephanie Fournier
  • Brooke Lewis
  • Susan and Barry Podolsky
  • Hayden Pace
  • Katie Salinas
  • Brian Gordon
  • Dianne Thomas
  • Liz Price
  • Philip Bubb
  • Gregory Schlich
  • Alston & Bird LLP
  • Jeanette Hatcher
  • David Edelson
  • Wayne Shortridge
  • Larry Freudenberg
  • John and Sue Staton
  • Marcia C. Augustine
  • Les Oakes and Jeanne Johnson
  • Al Wong & Jeannie Lin
  • Adam and Kristy Battani

The Jeff Miller Memorial
Thank you to those who have donated to the Jeff Miller Memorial:
  • Lynda Culberson
  • Stephen Key
  • Kim Madsen
  • Kevin and Diane Beattie
  • Chase Products Company
  • Stacey Bostic
  • Sharon and Donny Beals
  • Undici Design
  • Amrep, Inc.
  • P. Douglas Wexler and Jane S. Greenberger
  • Kevin and Juliann Gallagher
  • Debbie McMichen
  • Roy and Joyce Key
  • Lynda Culberson
  • Karen and Steve Key
  • Clay and Sherri Woods
  • Robin Slatter

The Dennis Miller Memorial
Thank you to those who have donated to the Dennis Miller Memorial:
  • Susan Miller
  • Tom and Joan Everest

The Joanna Pate Memorial
Joanna Pate Memorial

Joanna and Laura (holding Bitsy)

Jo Pate was a life-long animal lover. She was a supporter of Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption and this memorial was created to assure that her love of animals and this organization lives on.

Thank you to those who have donated to the Joanna Pate Memorial:
  • Sara Murray
  • Jools Brandt
  • Kelly Becker
  • Vicki Hooten
  • John Cloninger
  • Del Martin
  • Lynn Adams
  • Barry Levin
  • Lynn, Mark and Kelsey Adams
  • Jennifer O’Connor
  • Patricia Opperman
  • Cindy Ellis
  • Eliska Lee
  • Susan Ward
  • Walt and Beverly Drake
  • Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Hodge
  • Ernest and Adaline Pasour
  • Katie Downs
  • Jack Walz
  • Dan Hendricks
  • Vivian Barksdale
  • David Hendricks, Betty Hendricks, Tom and Denise Hendricks
  • Leslie and Casey Caylor
  • Cynthia Abramovitz
  • Allison Taylor
  • Ruth and Jack Hickman
  • Charles and Leslie Johnson
  • Merle Cloninger
  • Alan and Susan Proctor
  • Nancy Pohl
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joe Craddock
  • Steven Shireman
  • David and Kimberly Jordan
  • Bob and Jackie Thomas
  • Lisa Greenman
  • Scott and Allison Smull
  • Scott and Eva Whitaker
  • Lori & Dick Nesz
  • Nixon Realty Group
  • Drada and Duane Hoover
  • Karen and Tom Lee
  • Margaret and Richard Foster