The 2016 Calendar is Here!!

Get a head start on 2016 by ordering your APRA calendars today! Order online or come in to our shelter and pick them up after browsing our adoptable pets - 'tis the season!
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GA Gives Day — Nov 12

Many of you may remember a day last November when we filled our Facebook page with posts about giving, every hour on the hour. What you may not recall is that on that one day alone, we were able to raise $27,000 from our generous followers. GA Gives Day is a day dedicated to "drive awareness and donations for participating nonprofits across Georgia, encouraging residents to come together for a 24-hour day of giving." We want YOU to be a part of this amazing day by donating, sharing, and joining the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Let's make this the best GA Gives Day ever!
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I wanted to share our amazing story about Parker. He was our sweet furry boy we adopted 15 years ago from Gigi at Atlanta Pet Rescue. On a Saturday sometime in Sept of 2001, my husband Steve and I went for pizza at Fellini's and decided to swing by Barnes & Noble afterwards. To our surprise when we arrived, APR was having pet adoptions on the side walk right outside of the bookstore. My husband and I are both dog lovers but at the time were not even thinking about getting a dog. When we walked up, of course we detoured over to see all the cute furry friends! People were going gaga over an adorable litter of puppies. Out of the corner of my eye, there was the cutest black and tan full grown dog with the saddest look on his face. While the puppies were getting all the action, this cutie sat patiently under a folding chair just waiting for the perfect person to approach him. That was it. In that moment, out of the corner of my eye I fell in love with him. The moment we approached him,
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Cleo (f.k.a. Bamboo)

Thank you so much to the staff of APRA in helping us find the newest member of our family! She is a perfect fit!
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We have had Jake for a year or two now.  He has been the best dog we have ever had.  Thank you for letting us adopt Jake. Chris and Lou Manos
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Gambo (f.k.a. Jackie)

Dear Atlanta Pet Rescue Team, I was going through old emails and found the posting of the cat we adopted from you. We renamed “Jackie” to “Gambo” and we are so lucky that he is part of our family! He is still shy with new people and doesn’t trust anybody he doesn’t know, but he is the most confident and loving cat when he is around us. Most of the time he is like a little dog following us or cuddling with us on the couch. And he has not scratched or bitten us once in all those years . Gambo is a good soul and one of the best things that happened to us! Thanks for doing such a great job and rescuing him. Gabriele & Florian.
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New 2016 Calendar Sponsorship Levels

2015 Atlanta Pet Rescue Calendar Proof Final-page-001 The 2016 calendars will be here soon and we are offering a new level of sponsorship this year. We have a page sponsorship and a photo sponsorship. The page sponsorship includes 2 full text lines and a logo. A photo sponsorship includes a photo of your rescue animal along with their name. A page sponsorship is $250 and a photo sponsorship is $50 To purchase a page sponsorship, please click here Read more


My partner Jonathan and I adopted Nigel from APRA over a year ago and we thought it might be nice to reach out and share more about the amazing year it's been! Nigel is basically the light of our lives. He quickly bonded with us - now, he's never 100% happy until both his parents are with him. He has such a quirky personality - he loves to burrow deep under blankets to get warm, wear clothes and handkerchiefs (no lie!), intensely clean his paws when winding down before bed, and look at you and hop on his front paws if he wants your attention (which is the least effective way to get your attention if your back is turned, but he doesn't know it!). He is also an introvert - his favorite place is to be home, and it takes a while for him to warm up to people, but warm up he does - he is ever the charmer. He is also very vocal - he doesn't bark that much, which is great for apartment living, but he makes all manner of other little whines, squeaks, and woofs.  Both my and Jonathan's families
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Pippi (f.k.a. Doro Pesch)

After seeing Doro, now Pippi, on your website, we knew we had to meet her!  She was not in good condition or health but still had a great personality and attitude.  We visited her many times during her stay at APRA and knew she was the one! Pippi now loves carrying around her favorite toy named Mars the Cow.  She basically piles up in bed all day looking out the window.  And she is making up for lost time in terms of eating!  She doesn't miss a meal.  She has always been so sweet.  I think she knew everyone that she came into contact with after being surrendered has been trying to help her and love her! I have had dogs all my life.  They bring so much joy into every single day.  Pippi is my boyfriend's first dog.  We both think she is the greatest thing ever.  She is constantly making us laugh. Everyone at APRA made the adoption process amazing.  The volunteers and staff are great.  It's obvious they really love all the animals they come into contact with. I've
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Two years after leaving APR for his forever home, Crosby is happy and healthy as can be!  He loves playing at the dog park, taking long naps on his dog bed, and riding in the car on road trips.  Crosby quickly snuck his way into our hearts and is an absolute favorite among all who meet him.  Thank you APR for giving us one of our greatest blessings!
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