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APRA is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization.
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Sponsor a Pet

What if you fall in love with a specific dog or cat at Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption (APRA), but you can’t adopt it? You can sponsor that pet, allowing you to make a donation to APRA in its honor to help provide for its care as well as that of all the other animals waiting to find forever homes. When you sponsor a pet, your first name and last initial will appear on that pet’s page for as long as it is available for adoption.

Do you already know which pet you would like to sponsor?

If yes, click “Sponsor a Pet” to proceed with your secure online tax-deductible donation.

If no, click  “Our Pets” to browse our available pets.  You can click the Sponsor Me button within the pet’s bio to proceed with your secure online tax-deductible donation.

Thank You

After making a sponsor-a-pet donation, you will receive an automated email acknowledgement. We also will send you a fact sheet on your sponsored pet and a “thank-you” tax receipt.

Questions? Please call (404) 815-6680 or send an email to donations@atlantapetrescue.org